Mission Statement

To partner with our greater community of flutists and music educators by providing educational opportunities to flutists of all ages and abilities. To instill ownership, intellectual curiosity and motivation in the learning process in a nurturing environment and instilling self-confidence and discipline. To establish a national reputation by elevating the level of flute playing in our local community. To unite flutists across Colorado through the love of the instrument. 

Private lessons

One on one instruction. Private lessons help students develop to their full potential on the instrument. 

group classes

The instructors of the Bel Canto Academy teach group classes on a wide variety of topics for all ages. The topics will include “College Audition Preparation,” “Intonation,” “Flute Solo of the Week” and much more!


The Bel Canto Academy will hold regular events including faculty recitals,  performance classes, chamber ensemble opportunities, masterclasses and more.